this is me.

" when it comes to music i take my producer and musician involvment very seriously, while i try to keep the work-flow always down-to-earth and fun. not many are so lucky to be free and do what they dream of. I appreciate this gift form life. that's why i try to keep going and keep learning more about myself, and even more from friends and colleagues. if you want to collaborate, please contant me for studio or live performance requests! i'm always glad to widen my horizont.

making of the record

that's all for now.

thank YOU for taking time.

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cheers, Szib

i was walking in a park one day                   after a rehearsal​ when i made up my mind.

         i will select a few text from never-to-be-finished,  secretly hidden textbook. and share it with the world.

that is chameleon's suitcase.


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Chameleon's Suitcase is the latest EP by Szibilla, a Vienna-based music composer/producer/visual artist. Her recent music is a mix of Rock/Blues/Funky/Jazz. „This latest EP, Chameleon's Suitcase' is a collaboration made with session musicians & friends from Hungary & all over the globe. My longtime musical collaborator is Tilen Sapac, Slovenian producer and guitarist of the german band, SUBWAY. On my EP you could hear Ákos Kertész, drummer known for his work with Tóth Bagi Csaba, AL Di Meola. I’m already in the process of composing new music, but I hope you guys enjoy this EP till the new songs come out.” Szibilla tries to bring in friends and colleagues for each session, to create something fresh and new.



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(i never liked the raindrops on my head, but i always loved to sing the Burt Bacharach song about raindrops. i had an umbrella and a bass guitar on my back when this happened...)