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Congratulations, the band sound good! Tell me more about... do you like Colin James Band?

I asked for a crowd review of my song, Queen of The King Bee. Around 20 totally stranger said their personal opinion about the song. I very much appreciate that these people took time to write! I picked some of them for publishing..Peace & love, Sz

“I love this sound reminded me of bonnie Tyler. Southern rock with a smooth jazzy vocalist with great guitar solos. Its perfect. I thought I was in new Orleans. It can't get any better. The lyrics were great but I didn't even care the sound was so
good she could have been singing the phone book”

“The softness of the guitar is really appealing for an opening and the drums come in really nicely. I like that the artist is singing but also talking so it sounds really personally for her and her fans. It sounds like she is specifically talking to you like a
friend and giving advice.”

“This song has my attention as soon as the acoustics chime in. I love the guitar instrumental and the vocals take me aback relatively substantially. The lyrics are intriguing and the track altogether is catchy and one in its own. Nice melody and catchy lyrics. Nice rock and roll feel and vibe to the track overall.”

“I respect the imaginative, deep tune in this song. I genuinely adore the attractive articulation in this song. I very much respect the inspiring chorus in this piece. I adore the distinctive, accomplished structure in this song. The attractive tempo was honestly impressive, and I respect the harmony. The heartfelt pitch was fairly clever, and I praise the dynamics.”

“This song has clean sounding bluesy tones falling out into the musical canvas of 5his work of art. The lyrics are sung by al good sounding female voice with skill, class, and finesse. The guitarist plays a good guitar solo and then the vocalist picks the song back up.”

“I like the retro intro with only the guitar and its very crazy progression. I like the tempo of the song and how they used the mix of genres to add to the whole sound of the song. Her vocals are cool and very clear and they are the best part of the song. I like the production quality of the song.”

“From the start you knew that this song had a country feel to it. The rhythm was intro addition to it, with the banjo and the rest of the live band. I do like this song. The artists voice was unique and connected with this instrumental very nicely. She has
a soft and effective voice. I like the breaks you really get a feel of the tone for this song. It built it up and made it stronger. I do hear potential in this song. I found that it was professionally arranged and the artist did not need to try so hard to get her vibe across. The lyrics are original as well. I would loo out for this artist”

“I liked the way the guitar was played. I especially liked the occasional high pitched strumming of the guitar. I thought that the intro was made well by the choice in instruments. I think the melody had a nice soft touch wth it that matched the high pitched vocals. I think the lyrics were not very creative but filled the gaps between the instrumentals well. This song would be a good choice to play in a local bar.”

“the guitar had a funky feel to it which i thought was quite cool. the slide guitar in the song worked well as well. the singer did not have the strongest voice but it worked quite well for me. i liked the subtle changes in the beat inthe song and the harmonica gave it one of those wailing blues feels to it. some nice deep based guitar work to this song as well...”

“The beat begins slowly but once it has progresses it has a nice beat to it and the pace works well too into the introduction from the artist who sings well. Her lyrics are clear and understandable. The words are also varied which I do find welcoming. The melodies are also good too. This tune has amazing instrumentals and the musicians sound like they are professional. The electric guitar sound is also an amazing sound and well played indeed. The tune has a quality feel to it from the start and towards the end of this tune.”

“Love the intro into this song. Has good rhythm sounds a bit like the blues and like the singer is telling a story, letting you feel what she is going through. the drums are sounding so good with the bass but the electric guitar is what really stands out in
this song.”

“Refreshing bluegrass opening on this song. Angelic voice fhis girl has. Sung with reservation and grit. A jazzy undertone with a slice of rock and great solo sequence. There is something about the vocal that is really appealing and want to hear more ofthis girl. There is a vibe of 4 track sound with a little crackle that gives the track depth and an old archives feel. A great song overall and highlight of my day so far.”